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“A Multifaceted Girl, In A Weird World”

Hi, my name is Latacia Superville. I was born and raised in Port of Spain, Trinidad. I migrated to the U.S. in  2010. I have been in Brooklyn, NY ever since.

Some of you may know me from my time as a makeup artist when I went by “@love_superville”. I was employed by Kiko Milano and Estee Lauder simultaneously in 2015. After two years of working for companies, I gained the courage to freelance.

In September of 2017, I started cosmetology school to further my career as a makeup artist. Subsequently, I didn’t have much free time due to my school hours and my craft suffered. My clients understandably found other makeup artists in the meantime. 

 While in cosmetology school I quickly realized that I would not be learning much about makeup. My teacher at the time asked me if I would host the makeup curriculum because I had experience in makeup. At that moment I knew  the only goal was to get my license, not to gain knowledge. 

I took my own personal interest in the nail portion of school. Although I had to teach myself because we only read the text book and watched Ez Flow nail tutorials from decades ago. Nothing hands on. 

My interest really sparked because I was tired of leaving the nail salon unsatisfied. I soon began practicing on all my friends, whom I thank you eternally for trusting me.

A week after I graduated cosmetology school, I got a message on IG from Teyana Taylor’s “Junie Bee” offering me a position as a nail artist.

Of course with that being said, you know I took the job. There, I met some extremely devoted and talent women. A worthy mention of the woman who imprinted on me the most, Coca Michelle. The talented woman responsible for Meg The Stallion’s iconic nails and so much more! I learned so much from her. She gave me the confidence to do my first hand painted portrait on a nail (I was panicking!). Since then I’ve been fearlessly getting out of my comfort zone.

After my time at the salon expired, I’ve been doing nails from home full time. Where I am able to provide a one on one, personal nail experience. Over the years, I have maintained my clientele and gained new ones. I am honored to be something my clients look forward to.

The hardest part about any idea is finding a good way to present it to the world. Therein lies “F’n Fabulous”.  

If you know me, you know I’m a DIY kind of girl. 

I can draw, paint on (canvas, shoes, bags), still could  beat a face, slay some nails, and now adding graphic designer and website creator to my resume. Pretty much, I’M COOL ASF.

I hope to inspire you to glorify yourself and appreciate your growth even, if its tiny. Day by day making this website became easier and I gloated for having the patience to not let my frustrations overwhelm me.

I am so proud to present to you a package to make you feel good about yourself when you open it. Thank you so much.

This is only the beginning of what’s to come! 



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